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The Lakers and Luke Walton have parted ways

The Warriors former assistant is out of his dream job, and Ty Lue may be taking his place. Elsewhere, David Griffin is headed to the Pelicans.

Washington Wizards v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers and head coach Luke Walton have mutually parted ways after three seasons. The news is not surprising, as the former Golden State Warriors assistant spent the bulk of the season on the hot seat, and the Lakers are a swirling mess of dysfunction.

Still, after the abrupt resignation of Magic Johnson earlier in the week, it was unclear what direction the Lakers would go in. After general manager Rob Pelinka was retained, it seemed inevitable that Walton would eventually be on the way out.

Technically he wasn’t fired (which means he won’t get paid the rest of the money on his contract), so you have to think that both sides were a little relieved to be done with this awkward pairing.

Walton will surely catch on elsewhere, and is already a leading candidate for the surprisingly vacant Sacramento Kings job.

As for the Lakers, they’re now in the search for a president of basketball operations to replace Johnson, and a coach who can lead LeBron James to replace Walton.

Not surprisingly - but extremely humorously - Ty Lue is one of the top candidates to take over in LA. Also in the running is former New Orleans Pelicans head coach, and current Philadelphia 76ers assistant Monty Williams.

It will be a fascinating summer for the Lakers, as they seek to do a better job building around James in their quest to close the enormous gap between Los Angeles and Golden State. There’s a lot to do.

Speaking of James, another person with LeBron connections is making the NBA news. David Griffin, the former general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers, has taken the vacant executive position with the Pelicans.

Griffin is a tremendous talent, and should greatly help out another organization dealing with high amounts of dysfunction. His biggest job will be finding the right trade for Anthony Davis - a situation that highlighted and capsized the Lakers failure of a season.

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