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Warriors vs. Clippers: DeMarcus Cousins makes his playoff debut

After working his way back into shape during the regular season, DeMarcus Cousins will make his playoff debut today against the L.A. Clippers.

Denver Nuggets v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

After a grueling 82-game regular season in which the Golden State Warriors somehow managed to scrape their way into the top eight of the Western Conference, they begin the playoffs today with a clean slate.

And, oh yeah by the way, they enter the 2019 NBA Playoffs as the top seed in the Western Conference in their quest for a fifth straight NBA Finals appearance and a third straight title.

If you spent the regular season worrying about the impact of Draymond Green furiously yelling #JustLeave, speculation about Kevin Durant actually leaving, or whether the Warriors should #FireKerr so they could hire someone else (because obviously things were so much better under his predecessor), perhaps now you can put all that anguish down. Turns out that the Warriors are in pretty good position to cement themselves as one of the NBA’s great dynasties with a rare three-peat.

If you’re now worrying that I’m looking ahead too much, I suppose that’s your prerogative. So let’s stick to the present: it’s pretty fun that this team that just won two straight titles has added DeMarcus Cousins, who will be making his first playoff appearance in his NBA career. Anthony Slater of The Athletic detailed the issue in an article published yesterday, which included a comment from Kevin Durant about what’s at stake in one’s first postseason appearance as a professional.

The crazy thing about this Warriors team, to Durant’s point about wondering how one might be effective in their first playoff appearance, is that this team is still figuring out how to come together despite the ridiculous speculation, injuries, and off nights... or rather, strings of off nights.

Tonight, we watch this team begin its march toward their rightful place in history in earnest as the top seed pursuing a third straight title and fourth in five years.

Please try to block out all the noise and just enjoy this journey, ok?

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