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Kevin Durant on Saturday’s ejection: “I don’t want to disappoint my coaches and the fanbase”

After getting thrown out of the Warriors playoff opener, KD expressed remorse for getting into it with Patrick Beverley.

Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors - Game One Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant was ejected during Saturday’s playoff opener against the Los Angeles Clippers. During the fourth quarter, Durant got into it with Clippers guard Patrick Beverley, and the two players were given technical fouls.

Just a minute later, the two again got into it following a foul - Durant smiling as he approached Beverley, who bounced to his feet and moved towards KD - and they again were given technical fouls, resulting in automatic ejections for each.

Beverley was trying to get under Durant’s skin all night, and Durant seemed amused. It was pretty fun.

Afterwards, however, Durant was remorseful for getting ejected, and having to leave the game.

At Monday’s shootaround, he stressed that he doesn’t want to let those around him down.

“I don’t want to disappoint my coaches, and the fanbase, and the owners, who expect me to be out on the floor.” Durant said. “So I apologize for being thrown out the game.”

Asked what he should do differently going forward, Durant responded, “Just keep my mouth shut. Just play the game. Simple.”

While Durant’s apology was heartfelt, it wasn’t necessary. He didn’t get ejected until the outcome of the game had already been decided, so he didn’t cost the team anything. He played very well in Game 1, so there’s no concern about Beverley’s antics distracting him.

The only thing to watch is the technical foul total. Durant now has two postseason techs after just one game. The playoff limit is seven, which means Durant can only get five more technical fouls before being issued a one-game suspension.

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