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Warriors vs. Clippers, Game 3: Two-time MVP, NBA champion Wardell Stephen Curry claims former MVP, NBA champion Kevin Durant does not need to be more aggressive

Contrary to what people on the internet think, Steph Curry says that Kevin Durant does not need to be more aggressive than he was in a disappointing Game 2 loss.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images

The last few days after the Los Angeles Clippers’ historic comeback against the Golden State Warriors have been brutal for those of us who spend any amount of time on the internet.

Golden State of Mind scribe Daniel Hardee already summarized those emotions well the other day, so thank goodness Game 3 is finally here to shut everyone up to help us move on in the Warriors’ quest for a third straight NBA title, fourth in five years, first three-peat to the franchise’s name.

Of all the analysis, conspiracy theories, and speculative journalism that has been swirling around online for the last few days, Steph Curry commented on the notion that Kevin Durant needs to shoot more, as captured by GSoM writer Brady Klopfer.

Call me naive, but after three title rings, two MVPs, and aiming for a fourth title in five years, I am willing to place my faith in Curry’s opinion about two-time champion and former MVP Durant. I dunno...I guess if Steph is wrong and they lose a second straight game because Game 2 revealed fatal flaws in the Warriors’ approach to things, you can come at me and feed me a platter of crow.

But regardless of how you see things, I hope you enjoy tonight’s game.

Don’t forget that Brady will be livetweeting the game tonight from Staples Center from our Twitter account (@unstoppablebaby) so feel free to catch his thoughts on there and share your thoughts on the game as it progresses in the comments.

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