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Video: Chris Mullin ranked best coach-as-player in 2019 March Madness

GSoM has created a YouTube tribute to the Hall-of-Famer and Warriors legend Mullin, who is now coaching his alma mater St. John’s University

New GSoM video putting respect on Mullin’s name

On the eve of March Madness, ESPN ran a ranking of 2019 NCAA tournament coaches as players. Funny enough, Golden State Warrior legend and current St. John’s University coach Chris Mullin came out as #1 on the list!

While longtime fans and die-hards may be well familiar with the sweet shooting lefty drafted by the Warriors in 1985, newer fans may be unaware of Mullin’s greatness outside of a casual knowledge of “Run TMC”. But Mullin was far more than just a star in the famed trio along with Tim Hardaway and Mitch Richmond.

  • He was a five time All-Star and member of the original 1992 Dream Team.
  • In 1992 he was selected to the First All-NBA Team, alongside Michael Jordan
  • He’s been inducted into both the college and professional Hall-of Fames.
  • This dude averaged at least 25 PPG and 5 RPG for five straight seasons as a Warrior, something that hasn’t been by any other Dub since Wilt Chamberlain!

GSoM was inspired to create a retrospective video in Mullin’s honor to remind old-school fans of his lofty place among his contemporaries, in addition to introducing our newer fans to a true legend of Golden State. There’s a reason his jersey hangs today in Oracle Arena!

Our YouTube feature even finds evidence that Chris Mullin was a top three wing player during his Dream Team peak, at least according to Olympic coach Chuck Daly. If not for a series of unfortunate injuries, who knows the heights Mullin could have scaled?

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