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Draymond Green responds to James Harden’s ‘unbelievable’ statement about fairness after Game 1

James Harden made a call for fairness after Game 1. Draymond Green shut that nonsense down.

NBA: Playoffs-Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout Game 1 of the second round meeting between the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets, social media was ablaze with comments about the officiating, especially as it relates to James Harden.

You know, the guy who flops around the court all season inventing contact that clearly doesn’t exist and then acts shocked when the refs stop falling for it in the postseason. For example, the refs (correctly) were not calling this a foul for reasons described well by Coach Nick of BBallBreakdown:

Apparently struggling with how to accept the results of Game 1, Harden — the same guy who deserves an Oscar for career achievement in baiting refs — made a comment about fairness after taking a team-high 14 free throw attempts.

I could respond to his comment myself, but I’ll just paraphrase Draymond Green’s comments when he was asked about what Harden said: nah, B.

Whatever you think about how this game was officiated — and clearly, we’re all going to have our quibbles because “refereeing is an inexact science”, as Green notes — Golden State of Mind contributor Hugo Kitano made a good point about the dynamic occuring between Harden and the refs right now.

Now that everyone has a sense of how this series will be called, let’s hope everyone adjusts and we can just enjoy this series without more noise. Or a team of experts to craft a response to all the whining on Twitter.

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