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Steph Curry became the greatest shooter ever despite an eye disease

The Athletic shocked the world with a report that Curry recently got eye contacts to correct a life long vision issue. Alert the NBA: The Human Torch can see now.

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NBA MVP Press Conference Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson, a true Bay Area legend in the sports journalism game, dropped a bombshell about Steph Curry.

Curry has spent the majority of his life with a vision impairment that he recently had corrected via contacts.

“For all of his career, his life even, Curry has had issues with his eyes. He said he has a condition called Keratoconus, known in the ophthalmology field as KC. Technically, it’s an eye disease in which the cornea, normally a circle, progressively thins and takes on a cone shape.

This distortion has given Curry what is known as an astigmatism, which is a type of error in the way the light bends when entering the eye. It doesn’t distribute the light equally to the retina and leads to blurred or distorted vision. It’s a genetic condition Curry was probably born with, though scientists don’t know how it is acquired.”

The article is a must read and features a brilliant “Book of Eli” reference from Thompson. Curry said that since he’s now wearing contacts, “it’s like the whole world has opened up.”

Are you kidding me? This man became the greatest shooter of all time with an eye disease? This guy changed the game of basketball by shooting from hella far away and this was BEFORE he could see clearly?! We should have known Curry was walking by faith and not by sight.

I don’t want to hear anymore excuses from these other teams. The Rockets went “0-for-27” in the playoffs with perfectly working eyeballs while this man hits full court heaves with Mr. Magoo vision?

And now we finally have clarity on what our very own Brady pointed out a while back.

Steph had to whisper “Yeah I’m wearing contacts now, and you know what I don’t see? ANYBODY STOPPING ME”. Or maybe that’s just my gold-blooded paraphrasing.

Also, I personally have some clarity on why the hell Curry threw that Game 7 behind-the-back pass into the stands.

So now we can officially add “Curry being able to see clearly” to the reasons the Warriors should secure this three-peat fairly soon. EXCELLENT.

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