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Why wasn’t Chris Paul suspended for Game 2 after bumping referee?

If the griping Rockets had any true sense of honor and justice, they would practice what they preach and bench CP3 for violating a major NBA rule. #HUMOR

NBA: Houston Rockets at Sacramento Kings Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

DISCLAIMER: We want Chris Paul on the court as the Warriors systematically eliminate the Rockets for the fourth time in five years. That way we can at least take ONE of Houston’s many, many excuses away. We’re just taking a deep-dive into the Rockets’ twisted psychology.

Houston Rockets’ point guard Chris Paul charged an NBA referee and bumped into him at the end of the Golden State Warriors Game 1 win in Oracle Arena. He was immediately given his second technical foul of the day and ejected for his boorish behavior.

Speculation arose as to what his punishment could be, as NBA rules are clear that making contact with a referee during a temper tantrum is a major no-no. A suspension was a possible outcome considering the league is emphatic about protecting officials from abuse.

Then we received this ShamsWOW update:

Wait, huh? Rage bumping refs is cool now? CP3 getting off easy was rather ironic considering the Rockets’ analytics team and James Harden launched a PR-campaign saying the refs aren’t giving them a fair chance against the Warriors.

Houston believes officiating in last season’s Western Conference finals cost them an NBA championship, and in a report since sent to the league, tabulated the net result of 81 potential missed calls and non-calls in Game 7 of that series between Houston and the Golden State Warriors, according to the report and an accompanying memo, both of which have been obtained by ESPN.

”Referees likely changed the eventual NBA champion,” says the memo, addressed to Byron Spruell, the NBA’s president of league operations. “There can be no worse result for the NBA.”


Now according to Houston’s “make the fair call according to the rules” take, we should probably check the rules about players making frustration contact with officials, right?


Why isn’t Paul being suspended? How is this fair? How are the Rockets getting away with a slap on the wrist after such egregious disrespect towards both the NBA’s refs and rules? I mean, clearly the Rockets have major beef with the refs. They effectively said the officials prevented them from being the 2018 NBA Champions; surely Paul saw that opportunity at the end of Game 1 as a chance for some measure of payback?

Houston’s logic: It’s okay to have “minimal, inadvertent contact” on a poor little ref, but heaven forbid the refs don’t call a foul when 6-foot-5, 240 pound Harden hops three feet forward in the air and crash lands on top of a defender on a sloppy three-point attempt.

Did you hear Houston has a formula to prove how many “Potential Points” the refs stole from them during the 2018 Western Conference Finals? Should I attempt to use that same formula, also known as “Wishful Thinking,” in order to calculate how many less flops and scowls there would be in Game 2 if CP3 were to be suspended?

Anyways, the only way to get to the bottom of this outrage is to start connecting the dots together. First, Paul is the President of the National Basketball Players Association, a very powerful position in the NBA.

Second, Paul has a history of trying to get away with illegal contact on the court, just ask Kevin Durant.

Or Julius Hodge.

Third, Paul is also best friends with LeBron James, allegedly the last man to aggressively lobby for punitive action against the Warriors in the playoffs.

Fourth, Paul had the audacity to fake smile our beloved Warriors coach, Steve Kerr.

All of these above factors tell me CP3 is guilty and will be sentenced by the basketball gods to another L at the hands of the Golden State Warriors. Justice will be served.

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