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Steph Curry opens up about Warriors’ move to San Francisco in his YouTube series

Oakland native, Hamilton Star Daveed Diggs guest stars in latest 5 minutes from home episode.

Yesterday, the Golden State Warriors played their final game at Oracle Arena when they hosted the Los Angeles Clippers.

On Thursday, Stephen Curry talked about the difficulties of the imminent move from Oracle to the Chase Center in San Francisco in the latest episode of his “5 Minutes From Home” youtube show.

“It’s Bittersweet” Curry revealed to his guest, Oakland native and Hamilton star Daveed Diggs, “This is my 10th year and I’ve only known Oracle Arena. I’ve seen the dog years. The whole time, the vibe and atmosphere in Oracle has been unreal. I have a special spot in my heart that’s obvious in my relationship with the fan base and our relationship with Oakland.”

Even more egregious for Curry, the thought of moving from the “Town” to the “City” has made him contemplate uprooting his family from the East Bay to shorten his commute. And rightfully so, since traffic across the Golden Gate is extremely heavy. When Diggs asked Curry about the possibility of moving his family, he admitted that it was something that he’s been wrestling with.

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out, “ he said. “Our family is rooted in the East Bay and that commute on the bridge, I might have to ‘pull a Kobe’”

Curry was referring to Bryant’s routine of flying from his Orange County home to Lakers’ practices and games in a helicopter to avoid the constant congestion of LA Traffic.

However, given his penchant for moving ever so often- before selling their five bedroom mansion in Alamo for 6.3 million, Curry and his wife Ayesha and family lived in Walnut Creek and Orinda before moving to Alamo three years ago- simply moving from the East Bay to be closer to San Francisco will more likely than flying.

Check out the latest five minutes from home here.

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