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Draymond Green says technical fouls should reset after every round

The Defensive Player of the Year doesn’t think the T count should run all the way through the playoffs.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green isn’t the biggest fan of the technical foul rules. Green, who has a history of picking up techs, doesn’t like that the seven-technical limit lasts for the entire playoffs.

If a player picks up seven technical fouls during one postseason, they are suspended for a game. In Green’s eyes, the limit - whether it’s seven or otherwise - should be reset each round.

Green - who has three technical fouls in these playoffs, after having his fourth one rescinded - expressed this opinion at Thursday’s practice.

“I think it’s just one of those old rules that’s just kind of been in place for so long,” Green said. “it’s one of those things where it never affects you until it affects you. . . Obviously I’m affected by it, but that’s just me.”

I’ll take it a step further: I don’t think players should risk any type of suspension - especially in playoff games - for technical fouls. They’re already being penalized with free throws, fines, and potential ejections. Why take it further, and have it impact future games?

Either way, don’t expect Green to get four more techs and earn a suspension. He’s shown a tremendous ability to bend, but not break under those scenarios.

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