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Warriors vs. Trail Blazers, Game 4: Andre Iguodala out for Golden State, Alfonzo McKinnie will start

The Warriors have a chance to sweep the Blazers tonight, but they’ll have to do it without Andre Iguodala.

NBA: Playoffs-Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The most fun thing about NBA Twitter during this year’s playoff season has been watching people do mental gymnastics to try to somehow invalidate the Golden State Warriors’ accomplishments.

For those who have chosen to preserve their sanity and stay off Twitter recently (I salute you!), the latest line of “reasoning” is that the Warriors have gotten lucky yet again because Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard suffered an injury in Game 2 of the series.

Lillard has thus far to use the injury as an excuse for why the Blazers are down 3-0 this series, which is refreshing and just one example of why so many of us around Golden State of Mind have such respect for the man. He’s not about that excuses life, unlike our previous playoff opponent whose general manager would write whole memos dedicated to excusing year-old losses with Enron-level mathematical reasoning.

However, it’s the most recent development that really highlights how silly it is that the Warriors have gotten anything resembling luck during this playoff run: Andre Iguodala has been ruled out for Game 4, as reported by Anthony Slater on Twitter.

Brady Klopfer had more about Iguodala’s injury situation earlier today, but the bottom line is that the Warriors are now missing Iguodala, Kevin Durant, and DeMarcus Cousins for tonight’s game. Starting in place of Iguodala will be Alfonzo McKinnie, according to Chris Haynes of Yahoo.

Steph Curry dislocated his finger in the last series too, in case you forgot due to the whiny nonsense our previous opponent was trying to dominate the narrative with.

Meanwhile, there are people really arguing that the injuries the Warriors have sustained are actually beneficial.

So let’s get this straight: if the Warriors win tonight and sweep the Blazers, it’ll be because Lillard was hurt. If the Warriors lose without Cousins, Durant, and Iguodala, you know the narrative will be that Steph somehow isn’t good enough because he sucks in the playoffs.

One would think that people can’t possibly continue to invent these counterfactual and sometimes contradictory (s/o Nick Wright) narratives in an attempt to minimize what the Warriors are doing ... yet here we are.

Hopefully, you find a way to enjoy the sweep game, whether brooms are required after the final buzzer or not.

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