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Dwyane Wade and Gabby Union say Klay Thompson should have gotten Wade’s vote

Apparently three-time NBA champions respect other three-time NBA champions.

Miami Heat v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Winners respect winners. And two of the best shooting guards of this decade respect each other.

When the All-NBA teams were released on Thursday, Golden State Warriors sharpshooter Klay Thompson was absent.

As always, there were some suspect votes for All-NBA. My personal favorite was Andre Drummond receiving a Second Team vote. Also receiving a Second Team vote? Dwyane Wade.

The legendary shooting guard was making his retirement tour this year, and, while he was still impressive and fun, he was nowhere near All-NBA Second Team level.

Even Wade and his wife, actor Gabby Union know this.

Wade and Union went on social media to take the All-NBA teams and . . . well, I was going to transcribe this hilariousness, but I can’t do it justice. You just need to watch Union proclaiming repeatedly that Thompson deserved a vote, while Wade seems perplexed that someone put his name on a ballot.

Pure gold.

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