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NBA Finals: Majority of U.S. fans rooting against Warriors

A report suggests that the Warriors will travel to Canada without the support of most of their star-spangled fellow citizens. Who knew people could be SOOO unappreciative of a beautiful dynasty?

Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Four Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors are preparing for their greatest test yet on the road to a three-peat: leaving the great United States of America to do battle on Canadian soil against Drake and the Toronto Raptors.

Let’s break down some of the matchups and see who has the edge in this battle of the titans. I’m particularly intrigued by the matchup between Alfonzo McKinnie and Patrick Mc— wait a second, I’m receiving some breaking news:

“Geotagged Twitter data”? Huh? The SF Gate articles goes on to explain:

The map is based on geotagged data from Twitter that examines how often fan hashtags such as #WeTheNorth for the Raptors and #DubNation for the Warriors are used in each state.

It’s hard to say from Twitter data why there is so much more excitement surrounding the Raptors, but it’s not too surprising that the nation would like to see someone other than the Warriors win the title.

Half of me is saying, “they based this research on HASHTAGS? This is hella dumb, ignore it and go back to preparing your Patrick McCaw diss rap.”

But the other half of me?

These bandwagon haters.

I look at that map and wonder: has the nation turned on its greatest basketball related claim to fame? I truly hope that this country is not as ungrateful and disrespectful as this well photoshopped map would claim.

Golden State Warriors v Dallas Mavericks
Two Americans enjoying representing their country via championships
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Think about it. The Golden Empire has brought order to chaos in the NBA over the last five years, teaching us all valuable lessons about hoops and life that we can take to our communities and NBA 2K. Thanks to the Warriors’ dynasty, we could all stop believing nonsensical myths. Myths like:

  • Jump shooting teams can’t win a title
  • The Houston Rockets are worthy of being champions
  • There’s only 1 ball and Steph, Klay, and KD can’t coexist
  • Russell Westbrook will win an NBA title
  • “Dame Time”
  • Harrison Barnes had star potential
  • LeBron James is the greatest player ever
  • You need a traditional big man to win a title

And this is how you repay us, with treasonous bandwagoning for “The North”? You can’t even put in the correct Warriors related hashtag?? The temerity.

The Warriors may just have to make an example out of the Raptors to remind everyone to use #DUBNATION, and right this egregious wrong.

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