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Andre Iguodala: “I’m pretty confident that we’ll have our core back”

The 2015 NBA Finals MVP also said he’ll be back next year.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Six

The Golden State Warriors may be in the middle of a fight for their third straight NBA championship, but much of the discussion surrounding the team has been about their future.

At times you’d think the season is already over, based on the narratives. Kevin Durant’s impending free agency has, on more than one occasion, been a more talked about story than the team’s fight to secure their dynasty. Klay Thompson’s upcoming free agency, and the Warriors option to trade Andre Iguodala and save a huge amount of money, have also grabbed headlines.

Iguodala, for his part, seems confident that things will stay the same going into next year. On Sunday, ahead of what could be the final game of the Warriors season, Iguodala expressed confidence that the Warriors core would run it back next year. He also all but guaranteed that he’ll be back.

At the beginning of the season, Iguodala was open about the fact that the Warriors may ship him off this summer to save luxury tax costs. But now it seems inevitable that he’ll be around next year. With how well Iguodala played down the stretch, and in the playoffs, there’s virtually no way Golden State doesn’t shell out to keep him around.

The more interesting part of Iguodala’s statement is the confidence that “we’ll have our core back”. Of course, the veteran wing is known for being vague and tricky with the media. So he could just be saying things to get a reaction.

But if you’re looking for a silver lining of hope . . . well, there you go.

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