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Warriors vs Raptors Game 5: Durant is back

The Warriors are facing elimination, but will have their 7-foot superweapon for the first time in a month.

2019 NBA Finals - Game Five Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages...come sit around the fire. It’s time the Golden State Warriors locked horns against the Toronto Raptors in a game of monstrous proportions. The Raptors have 3-1 lead and are playing at home in Canada. But the Warriors have brought Kevin Durant.

The fate of a dynasty hangs in the balance tonight, as well as the potential birth of a brand new champion. The champs, the best road team in the NBA, will head into hostile territory. The home team is ready to spill champagne all over Drake’s beard. The basketball drama doesn’t get higher than this.

So, let’s enjoy it! There’s nothing like this atmosphere; everytime someone asks me if it gets old for my team going to the Finals five years in a row, these moments are what I think of. There can only be one! If the Raptors win, it’s over for Dub Nation this season. If the Warriors win, we get to do it all over again later this week.


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