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Warriors and Shaun Livingston move back contract guarantee date

Golden State now has more time before making a decision on Livingston’s future.

2019 NBA Finals - Game Six Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors have added some flexibility to their offseason. A day before the start of free agency, the Warriors and Shaun Livingston agreed to move back the guarantee date on Livingston’s contract.

Livingston has one year and $7.7 million left on his deal, but the contract is non-guaranteed. If the Warriors choose to not have Livingston on the roster, they would owe him $2 million.

The original contract stated that the team had to decide on whether or not to guarantee the contract by June 30. But the two sides agreed to move that date back until July 10.

By moving the date back 10 days, the team gains a little bit more flexibility as they make offseason moves.

It was always assumed that the Warriors would let Livingston go. He had a rough year in 2018-19, and $7.7 million is a lot of money for a team that figures to be deep into the luxury tax.

But by waiting until a week and a half of free agency, the Warriors can have a better sense of what their contract situation looks like. Is Kevin Durant back, or is that nine-figure annual payment (after accounting for luxury taxes) not there? Do they re-sign Kevon Looney, and if so, for how much? Do they land some good players on veteran minimum contracts, or strike out?

It still seems against the odds that Livingston will be on the Warriors for opening day in October. And if his contract isn’t guaranteed, there’s a good chance he’ll retire.

But for now, there are some options, and both sides seem happy letting things unfold.

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