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Steph Curry is a fourth quarter scoring machine in the NBA Finals

The superstar has three of the top five fourth quarters in the last ten years.

2019 NBA Finals - Game Two Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

When it comes to the most crucial moments of the most crucial games, no one performs better than Steph Curry. In the last ten years, the Golden State Warriors superstar owns five of the 15 highest-scoring fourth quarters in the NBA Finals.

Well, well, well. Isn’t that interesting! He’s also joined on the list by Kevin Durant, who makes three appearances.

If you can’t see the tweet, here’s the list of the 15-highest scoring fourth quarters in the last decade of NBA Finals games.

17 points: Steph Curry (2015 Game 3 and 2015 Game 5), Russell Westbrook (2012 Game 4), Kevin Durant (2012 Game 1)

16 points: Steph Curry (2018 Game 2), Kevin Durant (2012 Game 2), LeBron James (2013 Game 6 and 2015 Game 5)

15 points: Dirk Nowitzki (2011 Game 3), JR Smith (2015 Game 6)

14 points: Kevin Durant (2017 Game 3), LeBron James (2015 Game 3), Tony Parker (2014 Game 5)

13 points: Steph Curry (2015 Game 6 and 2016 Game 4)

He may not have an NBA Finals MVP (yet), but he is as good as they get in the final moments of the biggest games.

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