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BreakingT releases new “Respect Iguodala” tee to honor a Finals MVP

Andre Iguodala has added some more signature moments during this playoff run to an amazing career, and it’s time we put some respect on his name.

As the Golden State Warriors have clawed their way through the 2019 playoffs towards a three-peat, they’ve leaned on Andre Iguodala to the max. Whether it was the dagger he hit to seal Game 2 in Toronto, or the amazing swipe on Damian Lillard in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, he has been clutch in high leverage moments.

This isn’t anything new to Dub Nation, who have seen him step up when the lights are brightest, including in 2015 when he won the NBA Finals MVP.

BreakingT is launching a brand new tee to honor Iguodala’s relentless fight to keep the Warriors in the winner’s circle.

Respect Iguodala

  • $28

Very few have had a career as accomplished, or as many big moment in key games, as Andre Iguodala. Respect. 

Officially licensed product of the National Basketball Players Association.

Yellow, white, black and brown print on a super-comfortable heather charcoal tee. 

Premium, lightweight blended crewneck (60% cotton/40% polyester). Durable, yet ultra-soft. Unisex sizing with a snug fit. 

Designed by Nick Torres.

Screened in the USA.

Iguodala is the glue guy who hold the team together through the most fiery of trials. Although his work may go unnoticed by the unitiated, we as Warriors fans are fully aware of how much his leadership and tenacity of have fueled Golden State’s dynasty.

Let’s show some love to Dre!

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