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Contract details: Alen Smailagić gets a four-year deal

The final two years of the deal are not guaranteed.

Austin Spurs v Santa Cruz Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

The details of the Golden State Warriors rookie contract with second-round pick Alen Smailagić have been revealed. According to The Athletic’s Michael Scotto, Smailagić has been given a four-year, $4.13 million contract.

Only the first two years of the deal are guaranteed.

That’s a rather nice deal for the Warriors. Golden State is only on the hook for two years of Smailagić, at just $900,000 this year, and $1.5 million next year, according to Spotrac.

If Smailagić ends up being a disappointment, the Warriors can get out after two years with minimal damage. If he ends up being as good as many in the organization seem to think he’ll be, then they get his third and fourth seasons at a mere $1.8 and $1.9 million, respectively.

In other words, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which this deal goes south for the Warriors.

It’s also a nice contract for Smailagić. An 18-year old picked in the second round of the draft is usually going to play internationally, or on a two-way contract, but Smiley will get a decent chunk of NBA change.

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