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What intro music should the Warriors come out to in the Chase Center?

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Tell me when to go!

Chicago Bulls v Golden State Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

The privately financed $1.4B Chase Center is officially opened for business, folks. The 900,000 square foot stadium overlooking the San Francisco Bay has kicked off a new world of lavish entertainment festivities with music heavyweights Metallica and the Dave Matthews Band.

When the Golden State Warriors hit the floor October 5th for their first preseason tilt against the Los Angeles Lakers, Dub Nation will get their first chance to witness Chase’s “stellar acoustics” when the reigning Western Conference champs are unveiled.

I’m not gonna lie: I’m super curious as to how the franchise is going to handle their new player introductions hype package. Anyone who played high school basketball during the days of burned CD’s and iPods can relate to that feeling of jogging out for pregame layup lines to a meticulously curated musical playlist blaring over the PA system. Those anthems bombastically declared that the opponents were in for a long night inside your building, while simultaneously hyping up your teammates and fans.

In the NBA, that pageantry is elevated to near WWE-like levels. In Oracle Arena during the “Hamptons 5” era, the Dubs paraded out to a swaggering “California Love” remix that kept Steph Curry and the gang impatiently skipping in place like children gleefully waiting in line for a parked ice cream truck.

I really enjoyed that 2018 NBA Finals edition “factory of champions” motif that seemed to troll Cleveland for only winning one title.

The piercing synth wailed across the track and summoned the most exciting team in NBA into battle, doubling as a warning siren to enemy teams trapped in the loudest arena in the league.

But what music will the 2019-2020 Dubs come out to? What’s going to be the theme for their visual introductions? I’ve cobbled together a few of my personal favorites from other franchises as imagination fuel to help us get some fresh ideas.

Lakers @ Celtics: Game 1 of the 2008 Finals

As a result of being a baby in the mid-80’s, the late 2000s’ Paul Pierce-Kobe Bryant iteration of the Celtics vs Lakers rivalry was my first live introduction into the bloody beef between the two ballclubs. When the men in green were introduced to the Boston faithful, it was the first time in over 20 years that the franchise with the most titles in NBA history had been in the Finals. And it was against their most hated enemies from Los Angeles?

The anticipation level was on 11 outta 10.

  • Track Choice: 4/5. I thought the intro was “Requiem For A Dream” by Luxe Aeterna, but it turns out to be a remix, I guess? Anyways, that is bone chillingly dramatic orchestra music to get the goosebumps going.
  • It segues into an instrumental of 50 Cent’s “Ayo Technology”,a groovy synth RnB track. We all know OG’s hoopin’ to RnB.
  • My favorite part about this intro is how they sprinkle in unhinged Kevin Garnett yells throughout.
  • My second favorite part is when Paul Pierce and Eddie House mime shooting dice to wrap up the proceedings. Very OG, indeed.

Jazz @ Bulls: 1997 Game 6

Speaking of OG’s...

I remember watching this game live on TV as a kid, and I immediately knew the Jazz were going to lose. Here was my thought process then, which is the same as it is now:

  • It’s damn near pitch black in the United Center with like 20,000 people going absolutely bonkers before the music even drops. That level of delirium is usually reserved for pop stars in their prime like the Beatles or Michael Jackson, but that’s pretty much what the Michael Jordan led Bulls were.
  • “Sirius”, by the Alan Parsons Project #HOTFIREALERT. The intro’s ominous droning note pours out from the speakers like a sanctification oil, purifying all Bulls fans and preparing them for the greatness that lurks in the darkness. Karl Malone’s hairline recedes even further from the intensity.
  • The shoegaze guitar pluck draws the mob into a hypnotic trance, while the Jumbotron reveals a most ridiculous CGI animation of a bull running through appears to be a “Twisted Metal” video game stage to reach the arena.
  • The announcer sounds like he’s gleefully summoning the Kraken.
  • Each Bull introduced looks like he’s ready to bury the Jazz alive with his bare hands. #KILLERS.

Spurs @ Pistons: Game 5 2005 Finals

  • Remember when “Bawitdaba” was a thing? Of course Detroit had to rep Kid Rock.
  • The Final Countdown instrumental by Europe is complete fire, and a sweet homage to the Bad Boys Pistons that used the same song.
  • They literally had Ben Wallace swinging a sledgehammer at the Spurs logo!
  • The customized introductions by the boisterous Barnum and Bailey-esque MC “Mason” are FANTASTIC. He has the charm of a royal host, and the echo effects of a Caribbean DJ.


Anyways, comment below if you have a cool idea of what the Warriors music should be in this new era at Chase.

Me personally? I feel like there’s one particular track that has a proven affinity with the entire Bay Area and some future Hall-of-Fame Warriors as well...