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Report: “Ninja-style” headbands banned by NBA despite popularity

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Golden State Warriors v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The coolest headbands in the history of basketball will now be banned in the NBA, per a fresh post-Labor Day Woj Bomb.

Tie-on headbands had began picking up steam with wardrobe conscious players who realized that the game of basketball is better when you look like a Ninja Turtle. Golden State Warriors guard Damion Lee was a member of a fashion-forward vanguard of Ninja Headband supporters including Mike Scott, Jimmy Butler, and Joel Embiid.

When they were en vogue last season, the world was taking notice. Per Lauren Thiesen of Deadspin:

Traditional headbands are gross and lame. It’s a minimal loop of terrycloth designed specifically just to keep a disgusting bodily fluid from dripping into your eyes...But thankfully, the next innovation in sweatband technology is here. It’s like a regular headband, but, uh, it’s a lot bigger. It’s technically a hachimaki, but people are calling it the “ninja headband.”

The hot trend had even made its way to the video game world, where it was featured in the gameplay trailer for NBA2K20.

Brian Mazique referenced this in Forbes:

Another sharp detail that can be seen in the trailer is the addition of the new ninja headbands. The Sacramento Kings’ De’Aaron Fox started this fashion trend in the NBA last season, and others such as the Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler followed suit. In the video, you can spot the NetsJarrett Allen rocking his Shinobi look.

Time will only tell if the Warriors can get the best out of their reserved guard Lee without the powers of his magical ninja cloth.