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GSOM Fan Night 2020 tickets now available - come say goodbye (and hello)

Most of the content creators are leaving at the end of March, so let’s all go see a Warriors game at Chase Center!

Golden State Warriors Open Practice

With the heavy news of Vox firing the entire staff, we weren’t sure if the annual Golden State of Mind fan night was going to happen this year. But those of us who are leaving don’t want to end this era with dour thoughts and dark clothes - NO! We want to go out with a big party.

So let’s go!

WHEN: March 31, 2020

WHERE: Chase Center, San Francisco, CA

WHAT: A rip-roaring party where we get a big block of seats and let Chase Center get a taste of what Oracle was like. All fans in attendance will get a custom GSOM-designed shirt, and 20 dollar concessions voucher, included with the price of purchase

HOW: Click this link right here to order tickets [Password is: GSOMNIGHT]

What’s next for our community

Myself, Nate Parham, Daniel Hardee, Eric Apricot, and others have been hard at work since news broke that we were all being forced out. Though we are not yet ready to announce our move, rest assured that we have made significant progress and you can expect a major reveal within the next two weeks that will (hopefully) be big enough to cause some jaws to drop. We’ve partnered with a well-known name and are making something that is truly unique and special. And in our humble opinions will be significantly better than the Vox / SB Nation experience.

Our priorities in forming this next venture were to remove all the click-chasing and allow our creative team to just make good content for the community; while also ensuring that we preserve the chat forum experience that has been a foundational element of what made GSOM so great.

No more short form articles on news that you’ve probably already seen elsewhere. No ads, and no paywalls - yeah, I know, sounds too good to be true; but trust me, it is possible and it’s going to be awesome. This isn’t some low grade Wordpress blog, we are building a professional website with plenty of support and bandwidth.

We are beyond excited, and I am equal parts nervous and bursting with joy. Please follow us to our new home if you’ve enjoyed the content here over the past 10+ years.

But speaking of a new home...

I haven’t been to Chase Center just yet. Now, it’s all the more special knowing that our fan night coincides with the departure date of essentially the entire GSOM staff (except Brady, who will keep the lights on here for those who wish to remain).

This will be an especially poignant night for those of us who have spent a decade or more here, but just like the Warriors leaving Oakland, we hope you’ll come with us - both to Chase Center for this game; as well as alongside the voices that have steered GSOM for so long.

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