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Gamethread: No Russell, Looney or Draymond against the Kings ensures a nice safe tank night...right?

The tank should be safe, but never underestimate how bad Sacramento can get

Strap yourselves into the gunner seats because the Warriors are once again coming in hot. Short handed (as usual) but facing a bad Kings team, Golden State is poised for yet another knock down, drag out fight in the trenches at the bottom of the NBA standings.

We already covered most of this in our preview, but in case you missed it, the Warriors confirmed earlier this afternoon that they are holding their three best players out; for reasons that span a wide spectrum of believability.

(that’s a word, right? The publishing platform won’t believe me. Ironic.)

Anyways, this is Russell’s fourth consecutive game out but with Ky Bowman down to just two games left before he gets relegated to the G League, I expect a miraculous return to full health in time for the team’s next game (on Wednesday).

Boy is this one going to be ugly.

We already talked about the Kings shockingly slow pace - down to second slowest team in the league after finishing last year in the top 3 - but here’s what some tweet tells me is an indicative possession in Luke Walton’s offense.

Jokes aside, the Warriors could legitimately win this game tonight.

The Kings, engulfed in turmoil, have dropped four straight and likely spent the afternoon putting out fires from an unfortunate (yet believable, because, Kangs) rumor about a trade that makes absolutely no sense for them.

The Warriors... well, I think we can safely say that they have nothing to lose, and the players and coaches have NEVER given up hope effort this season.

Let’s go Warriors!!

Clap Clap Clap-clap-clap!

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