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Dubs in-depth: Warriors would take Vassell if they trade back at 2020 NBA Draft

The SF Chronicle’s Connor Letourneau says Golden State has its sights set on the 3-and-D prospect.

The 2019-20 NBA season will wrap up soon, meaning the basketball world’s attention will focus on the 2020 NBA Draft. The Golden State Warriors hold the No. 2 pick and have many options on what they can do with it.

Connor Letourneau of the SF Chronicle says league sources tell him that the Dubs will “strongly consider” taking Florida State’s Devin Vassell if they trade back and that there is an “outside chance” Golden State will take him at No. 2.

Vassell had a strong sophomore season for the Seminoles, averaging 12.7 points, 5.1 rebounds and 1.6 steals per game while shooting a sparkling 41.7% from beyond the 3-point line. His coach at Florida State — Leonard Hamilton — says Vassell reminds him of current Dubs superstar Klay Thompson.

“People like to identify a player in college with a player in the pros. And I always said I thought he was more like Klay Thompson. Thompson shot, close to 40% as a junior, I believe in Washington State. Well, Devin shot 40% as a freshman and a sophomore at Florida State. And he has a lot of those qualities where he knows the ball is suppose to go going to the basket. He’s extremely confident, he always anxious to take big shots. One of the aspects of his game, I probably didn’t utilize as much was his ability to create his own shot.”

The 20-year-old Vassell is also an excellent defender, which is why Golden State covets him going into the draft. He is 6’6 with a 6’10 wingspan and can guard multiple positions on the defensive end.

Hamilton says Vassell’s versatility makes him an excellent target for the Dubs.

“I think he fits probably Golden State as well as he will any team because we utilize similar offensive philosophies as Golden State. From what I’ve watched, they probably make around 300, maybe a little bit more than 300 passes per game. In college we have less time so we we probably clock in about 230 to 240 in terms of number of passes. We create for each other, very similar to the system that Golden State uses. We move the ball, we move our bodies, we cut hard, and we create for each other and spacing is very, very good. I expect him to probably make the adjustments to Golden State, as well as any place in NBA.”

If the Warriors are able to trade back and get Vassell plus another asset, it will be a massive win for Myers. Golden State needs to add two-or-three pieces around the core of Thompson, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green if it wants to be one of the title favorites in 2021. Getting a 3-and-D wing like Vassell — who will also be cost-controlled — plus another pick or player will immensely help the team now and in the future.

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