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Dubs in-depth: 3-way trade for the Warriors, plus notes from Steve Kerr

Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Wasserman came up with a potential three-team trade between Golden State, Atlanta and Indiana.

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We are just over five weeks away from the 2020 NBA Draft, where the Golden State Warriors will pick No. 2 overall. General manager Bob Myers is trying to add the finishing touches on a team expected to be a title contender next season.

There will be plenty of rumors surrounding what the Dubs will do with the selection. Myers can use the pick or try and trade it for an established veteran piece. We have discussed the possibility of trying to add Indiana Pacers big man Myles Turner and T.J. Warren in exchange for Andrew Wiggins.

Now, Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Wasserman proposes a draft-day deal that would see the Warriors get Turner and still hold the sixth selection:

Golden State Warriors: Myles Turner, No. 6 (use it on Isaac Okoro)

Atlanta Hawks receive: Andrew Wiggins, 2021 Minnesota Timberwolves first-round pick (top-three-protected)

Indiana Pacers receive: No. 2 (use it on Anthony Edwards)

“Golden State would presumably hope to get Deni Avdija by moving down, but in this case, Cleveland grabs him at No. 5. Instead, the Warriors shift their attention to Okoro, a physical wing defender and an unselfish, efficient offensive player.

He has a convincing defensive profile with a strong, 6’6” frame, powerful legs, quick feet and discipline. And though not a creator or reliable shooter, Okoro shot 60.7 percent inside the arc, scoring by driving, cutting and capitalizing on his strength and footwork in the post.”

This deal makes sense for Golden State. Adding Turner gives the Warriors the big man they desperately need. With Haliburton gone in Wasserman’s mock draft, the Dubs still add a talented young wing-defender in Okoro.

If the Dubs aren’t in love with a specific prospect at No. 2., this is the type of move that would be ideal for Myers. Golden State kills two birds with one stone and can still add another veteran option with the mid-level exception, while still having the flexibility of the $17.2 million trade exception.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was on the Jamele Hill is Unbothered podcast and was asked about what the team is looking for at the draft. Kerr used a lot of coach-speak in his answer, but he did give some insight into the process (h/t NBC Bay Area):

“We know how important this pick is. The most important thing that’s come from it is — as we sit here outside the bubble watching the games and knowing we have the second pick — it’s allowed all of us in the organization to watch every playoff game and realize how the league is changing, who the most talented players are, what the most effective strategies are.

And then you look at the crop of players available and you go, ‘OK, who is gonna fit in to all of that?’ And we haven’t really had a chance to examine that in-depth for the last five years, thankfully because we’ve been in the (NBA) Finals.

“If there’s nobody with that kind of skill, then you gotta look at the playoffs and think, ‘What’s winning? What’s winning at the highest level?’ And these days, it’s not really any secret — versatility, switchability, guys who can guard multiple positions and stand up to the physicality.

“Those are all the important things. So those are the characteristics and qualities we’re looking for.”

Things will start to ramp up when the 2020 NBA Finals wraps up, but it should an interesting fall as the draft gets closer.

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