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Dubs in-depth: What are your expectations for Eric Paschall?

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The second-round selection made the All-NBA Rookie Team last season.

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When an NBA team picks a player in the second round, there is roughly a 20% chance he will have a long career in the league.

The Golden State Warriors are hoping Eric Paschall will be one of those players. The 23-year-old was picked 41st overall in the 2019 NBA Draft and played significant minutes for a terrible Dubs team last season.

Paschall averaged 14.0 points and 4.6 rebounds in his rookie year. One area he excelled in was in isolation situations. Paschall ranked 16th among NBA players who used up at least 100 possessions with an iso. He averaged 0.982 points per possessions, which ranks just behind high-volume scorers Brandon Ingram and Jayson Tatum — who were both at 0.99 — and ahead of Trae Young, per Synergy Stats.

That is some pretty good company to be in as a second-round selection, but we all know his numbers wouldn’t have been close to what they were is Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were healthy.

For Paschall to be an everyday rotation player —especially on a team that should be among the NBA’s upper echelon next season— he will have to improve in a couple of areas.

Defensively, Paschall was among the worst on the roster. His 114.2 defensive rating ranked last on the team among players who appeared in more than 20 games. Paschall’s 0.037 defensive win share rating was tied for second-worst on the team, per Paschall’s defensive stats will improve on a much better Warriors team, but he needs to get a bit quicker to add to his versatility. Paschall can guard power forwards but needs to work on his lateral movement to keep up with opposing wings.

The other aspect Paschall needs to be better is outside shooting. He shot 28.7% beyond-the-arc on 2.2 attempts per game. Golden State’s spacing will be better next season, and opponents will have to help off of Paschall next season to guard Curry and Thompson, so he should get some more open looks.

I think Paschall showed enough that he should be a part of head coach Steve Kerr’s rotational plans this season. If he can contribute offensively while playing somewhere in the 15-18 minute a game range, it will be a massive plus for the Dubs. Paschall’s presence makes it easier for general manager Bob Myers to go shopping for other needs.

Are you expecting Paschall to be a key contributor off the bench next season? Where do you think he needs to improve going into his second year?

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