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Dubs in-depth: Warriors 2020 NBA mock draft roundup

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The speculation finally ends tomorrow night.

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After months of rumors, we will find out on Wednesday what the Golden State Warriors do with the second pick of the 2020 NBA Draft. The Dubs haven’t picked this high since taking Joe Smith No. 1 in 1995. With Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson returning to the lineup next season, there is pressure on general manager Bob Myers to get the pick right.

We have heard every possibility to the moon and back on what Golden State will do with its selection. From packaging the pick in a trade for Giannis Antetokounmpo, to using it on virtually all of the top prospects, the Dubs have been at the center of the NBA world since the season officially ended.

Here are the final mock drafts from various media outlets and it’s not surprising to see who the consensus pick is for Golden State.

ESPN has the Warriors taking James Wiseman

While Wiseman has long looked like the safest pick and best positional fit here, he no longer appears to be a lock for Golden State after Ball conducted an impressive workout in front of key members of the Warriors’ ownership group, front office and coaching staff. Ball’s talent presents the possibility for special long-term upside, while Wiseman might be better equipped to immediately help the franchise return to the NBA Finals.

The Warriors have continued to do their due diligence by traveling to watch Anthony Edwards work out for a second time in recent days after an initially underwhelming first viewing.

The Athletic has the Warriors taking James Wiseman

The Warriors have had a lot of names thrown around in regard to this pick throughout the draft process. But it’s typically come back around to Wiseman. I’ve had him pegged here in two of the three mock drafts filed since the lottery order was finalized, and his name continues to be the one most associated with the Warriors as we move into draft week. Simply put, NBA evaluators consider Wiseman to be among the safest players in the draft while also possessing some true high-level defensive upside.

The Warriors have a legitimate need at the center position, and have tried quite a few times to fill it over the years in the draft (say hello to Festus Ezeli and Damian Jones). Now, is it possible that the Warriors are floating Wiseman’s name in the hopes of inducing Charlotte to move from No. 3 to No. 1 to try to get Wiseman? That seems possible as the Warriors have thrown as much smoke as anyone this year. They’ve played the draft process really well. But if they stay at No. 2, Wiseman continues to be the name I hear most.

CBS Sports has the Warriors taking James Wiseman

I’ve gone back and forth on whether the Warriors should, and will, select Anthony Edwards or James Wiseman — if they even execute this pick. For now, I’ll go with Wiseman, a physical specimen who also fills an obvious need.

Bleacher Report has the Warriors taking James Wiseman

Practically every projected top-eight pick has been tied to the Golden State Warriors. They have likely been sifting through offers to move down, where they could target Deni Avdija, Tyrese Haliburton or Devin Vassell.

But at No. 2, James Wiseman sounds like the favorite with the Warriors expected to value his athleticism and defensive potential for their frontcourt.

Though the upside kicks in for Wiseman once his shooting touch and post game come alive, he could take it slower early in Golden State, playing to his strengths as a finisher while protecting the Warriors’ rim.

Yahoo has the Warriors taking James Wiseman

Trade options: Draft Wiseman or TRADE DOWN for Deni Avdija or Obi Toppin

Wiseman was the No. 1 recruit coming out of high school and showed off his impressive athleticism in three games at Memphis. Even with the uncertainty of how his game has progressed in the year he’s been off the court, it will be hard not to take him at No. 2. Free-agent big-man options are limited, and Wiseman is their best bet in guarding players like Anthony Davis and Nikola Jokic.

The Warriors have a ton of options with the No. 2 pick and if they want to trade down to a team that wants Ball or Wiseman, there’s still some value picking up 6-foot-9 wings Avdija or Toppin.

USA TODAY has the Warriors taking LaMelo Ball

The 6-7 point guard played only 12 games in Australia’s National Basketball League, but it was enough to entice a plethora of NBA scouts and rewrite the narrative his father had poorly written. He has a quick-trigger jumper that still needs accuracy, but his floor vision and court savvy give him franchise-changing potential.

I had the Dubs taking Wiseman as well in our SB Nation 2020 NBA Mock Draft. If Myers keeps the pick, adding Wiseman makes a ton of sense because he is one of the best players available who also fits a need. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Golden State trade down and try and nab Tyrese Haliburton, someone they reportedly like a lot as well.

The other elephant in the room is the trade exception. The Warriors have until Monday to use it, so packaging the pick in a trade to acquire a veteran who fits the team financially is also in play.

Either way, we will get some answers shortly!

How does the top five look in your mock draft?