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Video: Steve Kerr discusses ‘incredible talent’ James Wiseman

The Warriors coach sounds very excited about his newest player.

Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images

The wait to see who the Golden State Warriors would select in the first round of the 2020 NBA Draft is finally over. On Wednesday night, the Warriors used the No. 2 pick on Memphis center James Wiseman, a hyper-athletic 7’1 center with a dominant array of skills around the rim.

Not surprisingly, Warriors coach Steve Kerr seems to approve of the draft pick. Shortly after Wiseman was selected, the Warriors released a video on social media of Kerr congratulating the “incredibly talented” Wiseman, and calling him a “great young man.”

Here are Kerr’s full comments on his newest player:

Well James is incredibly talented, he’s a great young man. We had a chance to watch him work out and have dinner with him a couple weeks ago, and he was so impressive. He’s just bursting with potential, and so we’re excited to get him, and a lot of work ahead, but I think he’s excited to be coming here, and we’re excited to have him. Should be a great partnership.

We’re a long ways away from seeing how good Wiseman can be in a Warriors jersey, but that certainly feels like a strong and honest appraisal from one of the most important people in the organization.