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Warriors new digs are perfection

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My birthday is coming up, just FYI.

On Monday, the Golden State Warriors announced a new set of throwback jerseys, dubbed “Oakland Forever.” They’re the We Believe era jerseys, but with “Warriors” replaced by “Oakland,” as a nod to the team’s long tenure in the city before moving back to San Francisco last year.

And let me tell you ... they are utterly perfect in every way.

According to the Warriors press release, the jerseys will go on sale on Dec. 3, so I recommend you get them for that special someone in your life for Christmas or Chanukah.

It’s me. I’m that special someone in your life.

The jerseys are part of a larger Oakland Forever campaign, with Warriors president and COO Rick Welts saying, “Oakland is and forever will be part of this franchise’s identity. The Oakland Forever campaign, in partnership with Rakuten, will deepen our ties and impact in Oakland through a dedicated focus on community efforts, advancing educational equity, and providing safe access to health and wellness resources.”

The campaign, which partners with Rakuten and the Warriors Community Fund, will also fund the construction of an outdoor court in Oakland in the coming months.