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Taking inventory of the Warriors roster

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Let’s look at who’s on the roster, and in what capacity.

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Western Conference Finals - Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Training camp is right around the corner for the Golden State Warriors. And while they’ll probably make another move or two before everyone reports to Chase Center, we’re starting to see the roster take shape.

There aren’t too many notable names left on the market, so we have a decent idea of what things are going to look like for Golden State. So let’s take inventory and see where they are.

While NBA teams can only suit up 13 players for any given game, they’re allowed 17 players on the roster: 15 on regular contracts, and another two on two-way contracts. The Warriors currently have 18 players carrying some form of contract, though that will surely increase in the coming weeks.

Here’s where they stand.

Fully-guaranteed contracts (12)

Kent Bazemore
Steph Curry
Draymond Green
Kevon Looney
Kelly Oubre Jr.
Eric Paschall
Jordan Poole
Alen Smailagić
Klay Thompson
Brad Wanamaker
Andrew Wiggins
James Wiseman

These are the guaranteed contracts, but that doesn’t mean the players are guaranteed to be on the roster. Smailagić is making a small enough amount that he could be waived if the Warriors were targeting someone, but that seems highly unlikely. Looney could be traded if the right trade is available, but that would be very surprising.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Thompson carries one of the 15 roster spots, even if and when the Warriors are granted the Disabled Player Exception.

Partially-guaranteed contracts (2)

Marquese Chriss
Damion Lee

Chriss and Lee may only have partially-guaranteed contracts, but they feel fully-guaranteed to make the roster. Had the Warriors landed a name like Marc Gasol, perhaps they would have waived or traded Chriss. But there aren’t any big name centers left on the market, so that is unlikely. And Golden State needs the shooting and defense that Lee offers off the bench.

Chriss’ contract has $800,000 guaranteed, and Lee’s has $600,000. Should the right player become available at some point, the Warriors could always waive one of these two.

Non-guaranteed contracts (3)

Mychal Mulder
Dwayne Sutton
Juan Toscano-Anderson

The Warriors signed Mulder and Toscano-Anderson to multi-year contracts a season ago, but both were non-guaranteed. Sutton, who is a rookie, was signed after going undrafted.

Any of these three could make the roster on Opening Night, and stay for a while or get waived at any point. Or one of them could be converted to a two-way contract.

Two-way contracts (1)

Nico Mannion

The Warriors haven’t officially announced Mannion’s status, but The Athletic’s Anthony Slater reports that the No. 48 pick will be signed to a two-way contract. For this season, two-way contracts are allowed to be active for 50 games, and have unlimited practice and travel days.

What’s left?

So the Warriors have 18 players for 17 spots. If they want to run with the crew they have, they’ll have to still cut one out of the Mulder/Sutton/Toscano-Anderson crew, and sign another one to a two-way contract.

If you just count the fully and partially-guaranteed contracts, the Warriors have one roster spot available for Opening Night. They can fill it with a minimum contract, what remains of the Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception, or the Disabled Player Exception.