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James Wiseman is back on the court

Draymond Green could join him there on Friday.

The Golden State Warriors training camp got off to a rocky start when they had two key players test positive for the coronavirus: No. 2 overall pick James Wiseman, and All-Star veteran Draymond Green.

And with opening night less than two weeks away, those players are nearing a return. On Thursday, Wiseman returned to the court, albeit only for an individual workout.

While Wiseman didn’t practice with the team, but rather by himself, it would seem that a team practice will be the next step, perhaps as early as Friday.

Green has not yet returned to the court, but was at the facility on Thursday to lift weights and watch film. The hope appears to be that he can be on the hardwood on Friday.

Neither Wiseman nor Green will play in the Dubs preseason opener on Saturday against the Denver Nuggets, and for now their status in the other two preseason games is also in question.

While Golden State surely wants Wiseman to get up to game speed — he only played three college games last year — they won’t rush either player’s return. The most important thing is that both players are healthy, not just with regards to the coronavirus but also with conditioning.

The fact that both players are participating in athletic activities suggests that they’re not dealing with very serious symptoms of the coronavirus. That is obviously tremendous news, and hopefully the same is true for their family members and anyone else they interacted with in the past weeks.

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