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Ranking all of Steph’s teammates: #45 — Anthony Tolliver

Feels like a lifetime ago.

Detroit Pistons v Golden State Warriors Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

During his time with the Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry has had 106 teammates who have appeared in at least one game. Some played in exactly one game, while others played in hundreds. Some never actually played in a game that Curry was active for, while others formed historically great partnerships with him.

And I’m ranking all 106 of them before a new season starts and he adds to the tally. Better get a move on.

Players are ranked — and stats are shown — based only on their time as Curry’s teammate. How good/bad they were in other organizations doesn’t matter. How good/bad they were on pre-2009-10 Warriors teams doesn’t matter.

#45 — Anthony Tolliver

Detroit Pistons v Golden State Warriors Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Games: 44 (T-58th out of 106)
Points per game: 12.3 (17th out of 106)
Rebounds per game: 7.3 (4th out of 106)
Assists per game: 2.0 (T-29th out of 106)

It makes me happy that, all these years later, Anthony Tolliver is still around, still providing quality minutes to NBA teams.

When he joined the Warriors during Steph Curry’s rookie season, Tolliver was an undrafted player who had already played overseas, with just 21 NBA games under his belt, and no real position to speak of. Through the years we’ve seen dozens of unheralded young players join the Warriors, try and find some traction, struggle, and be out of the league a few years later.

Tolliver felt like one of them. That’s not an indictment of him, just the unfortunate reality of an undrafted player trying to survive in a highly competitive league.

And now, more than a decade later, Tolliver is still playing, with more than 700 games in the books. He’s the very definition of a journeyman — he’s already played for 10 different teams, including multiple stints with four of them — but he’s been an asset at pretty much every stop.

While Tolliver is now known for being a quality defender, he had some issues on that end of the court during his Warriors tenure, in large part because he was such an inexperienced NBA player. But the Warriors gave him starter minutes, and as a result he scored quite a bit, with a per game mark that’s about double his career rate.

He was good enough that he surprised fans, but not so good that you thought he’d still be playing in the NBA a decade later. But thankfully he is.


What do you think of Anthony Tolliver’s ranking?

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