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The lone Andrew Wiggins stan on earth has advice for Warriors fans

Colton Molesky (@CMolesky) is an NBA reporter and lifelong Twolves fan here to soothe the shocked confusion of Dub Nation after the trade deadline.

It’s time to bring in an Andrew Wiggins expert!

Confession: I have been far too entertained by the collective freaking out of NBA followers around the Andrew Wiggins/draft picks for D’Angelo Russell/Omari Spellman/Jacob Evans trade.

Here’s Nick Wright breaking through the walls of your home like the Kool-Aid man to breathlessly announce the Warriors just ineptly shut Steph Curry’s title window.

Lol, damn Wiggins is that bad huh?

But that heavy concern has even permeated into Dub Nation. Here’s a comment on the GSoM YouTube by “Slim Shiii” that sums up a lot of the agitated sentiment:

This is a bad trade. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it and say anything positive. I’m not against moving Dlo but why for Wiggins. Wiggins is a historically inefficient player and a bad defender on a bloated contract. It’s easier to move Dlo than Wiggins.. Also why move Spellman when Poole is the worst first round pick in the nba. Poole is the 2nd worst defensive player we had behind Dlo and the worst offensive player. He shouldn’t even be in the nba..Yet Bob Myers not only drafted him but also moved a good player for him.

Why trade Burks and GR3 to the 76ers. You see that they are about to implode. Then trade your shooters elsewhere. Hold on to Dlo and use him and the lottery pick to get Ben. If draymond doesn’t know he needs to shoot better as a professional then that’s on him.. Trade for Ben and get Steve Nash to work with him.. Anyway I maintain that Bob Myers doesn’t know basketball ... He is a horrible GM for all the terrible calls made in the past

Damn Warriors GM Bob Myers doesn’t know basketball? Somebody tell the NBA awards committee that, as they seem to have made a mistake by naming him the league’s executive of the league...twice!

But what do I know? After all of this anti-Wiggins hoopla, I had to bring in an expert to assist me in sussing out these emotional times.

So I called Colton Molesky, a gentleman who covers the NBA for SB Nation, spent years covering the Timberwolves for LockedOnWolves, and a lifelong Minnesota basketball fan. He’s a critical thinker and also a self-professed Wiggins stan; the perfect guy to help Dub Nation process the arrival of a much maligned former #1 pick.

Additionally, he’s a good buddy of mine, as is my other guest, author and fellow Hennessy connoisseur Thomas “Dr. Tom” Bevilacqua.

Hopefully this video cast helps you make some sense of this crazy, post-trade deadline world.

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