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Happy Birthday to the realest point guard in the game: Stephen Curry

The face of the franchise turns 32 today and we’re celebrating with a few of his swaggiest highlights.

Golden State Warriors Open Practice Photo by Jane Tyska/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images

The date is March 14th, 2020.

The planet is on various levels of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sports entertainment is pretty much dead in the water, and basketball fanatics around the globe have watched the NBA go dark amidst the crisis.

Many fans are resigned to sitting indoors and binging shows they haven’t got around to yet. Others feign disinterest in their significant other’s melodramatic dating shows while secretly being shocked at the lengths people will go for love (“The Bachelor” is actually pretty good if you give it a chance).

But for Warriors fans today is bigger than Netflix deep dives and stockpiled pizza rolls. Today is Stephen Curry’s birthday. In honor of the living legend turning 32, I’ve carefully curated a few of his highlights for Dub Nation’s binging attention.

Enjoy, and take it easy on the pizza me, they will give you heartburn.

Curry’s spiciest press conference

The autumn after the Warriors won their first title of the Splash Bros era, many rivals came out of the woodworks to declare the championship “lucky”. Curry, the reigning league MVP, smoldered under their lack of appreciation, and gave a sarcastic apology before the 2016 season that served as a warning for all in his way.

After this press conference he wreaked havoc on the league. He won the only unanimous MVP in NBA history and led the team to a record 73 wins.

That time he hit a bomb to troll a ref and uplift KD

Golden State’s 2019 season is mostly remembered for Draymond Green cursing out Kevin Durant, the Warriors running out of bodies in their 2019 Finals loss to the Raptors, and Durant’s departure in free agency.

But that season had quite a few magic moments, including a special night in Minnesota where Durant got screwed by the refs and Curry activated “GOAT SHOOTER 9000” mode to right the wrong. Please enjoy this clip in it’s entirety.


  • How many players in the history of basketball could have pulled that off? Curry was smothered in the corner like potatoes under gravy but still managed to drill a dagger with the time evaporating.
  • How terrible was that refereeing? The only way they could have bungled the game worse after not giving KD the 4-point play would be if they gave the Warriors several technicals for taunting and allowed the T’Wolves to win on free throws.
  • I didn’t think KD would leave after witnessing that greatness SMH.

Curry goes NBA Jams in front of LeBron in Cleveland

Curry and LeBron James have a wild history. Their rivalry carried the sport for several years as a modern day David vs Goliath story. During this beef Dub Nation’s scariest times came in transition sequences: a tiny Curry frantically skittering towards the rim while the glowering James trailed in wait, salivating for the chance to soar high in the air and smash Curry’s layup with a demoralizing block.

So maybe that’s why during this particular fast break, Curry bumped into James around midcourt, throwing off the athletic freak’s momentum, before turning on the afterburners streaking towards the rim.


The reactions of everyone after the play are almost better than that shocking dunk.

  • The Cavaliers staring at each other in confused shame as Curry swings around the rim.
  • The air going out of the building despite the Cavs having the slight lead (the fans knew their team was gonna lose).
  • KD smiling at Curry like a big brother praising a little brother for doing his first kickflip on a skateboard.
  • Curry mean-mugging like he expected to have a few more dunks that night on those clowns.

The 6-foot-3 point guard only has 26 regular season dunks, so this one had to feel extra good coming in front of James and those haters in Cleveland.

Curry’s Promise

As we wind down these clips in honor of Unanimous’ birthday, I want to call Dub Nation to remembrance over the vow he made many moons ago.

His empathetic heart for the fanbase and his unyielding thirst for excellence have made him truly a legend. His prophetic words were a beacon of hope during the dark days of Golden State basketball; and he delivered on them.

Happy birthday to the face of the franchise, Wardell Stephen Curry II !!!!

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