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Marquese Chriss led the Warriors in memorable highlights

Despite only winning fifteen games, the Dubs have had plenty of exciting moments on and off the court this season

Sacramento Kings v Golden State Warriors Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Yesterday, I wrote about the most exciting highlights from the Golden State Warriors’ 2019 rookie class.

Today for your binging pleasure I’ve curated the rest of the team’s shining moments for the season.


Marquese Chriss made Zion Williamson cringe on a big dunk

Chriss probably leads the team in SportsCenter worthy highlights. He crushes big-time slams and emphatically rejects shots a couple times a night. But it was his poster against the Pelicans that truly stood out.

Chriss’ freakish athleticism gave him all the bounce he needed to elevate over and through the poor defender. It’s plays like that which give Dub Nation hopes he could provide real minutes at starter going forward. My favorite part of the highlight is the reaction from fellow athletic freak and dangerous dunker, Zion Williamson.

Dunker to dunker, there’s no higher respect than the “OMG” cringe from the bench.

Steph Curry delivered the signature splash in his return to court

When Curry came back from a 58 game injury absence to face the defending champion Toronto Raptors, there was a palpable buzz inside Chase Center. It didn’t take long for Curry to light up the building with one his favorite plays: the four point bomb.

That was Curry’s only game played during the 2020 calendar season, but for a brief instant he reminded the Warriors faithful why they have reason to believe going forward.

Draymond Green was immortalized at his alma mater

The Warriors’ defensive enforcer spent most of the season mentoring a slew of rookies and other new faces as the Splash Bros recuperated. Well, that and trading barbs with Charles Barkley.

But Green’s most memorable moment came back in his home state of Michigan when his jersey was retired by Michigan State University.

It’s only a matter of time before another of Green’s jerseys hangs high in Chase Center.

Andrew Wiggins: Defensive Stopper?

Many pundits were against the Warriors trading for Wiggins, in part because he was had a reputation as a markedly atrocious defender.

With that kind of rep, there’s no way the lithe small forward would be able to shutdown an All-Star center with the game on the line...right?

Did Wiggins just stonewall the 7-foot 250 pound monster Nikola Jokic before ripping the ball from him? FROM NOW ON, THAT’S HOW YOU PLAY DEFENSE WIGGS!!

Damion Lee wiggled out of trouble

Lee has carved out a place on this roster with his relentless energy and crafty game. His shooting is his strength (Lee leads the current Dubs in three-pointers made), but it was his cagy dribble move that caught my eye against Charlotte.

This season has been Lee’s coming out party and he could be an important piece in the Warriors’ future plans.

Kevon Looney showed us the complete game

The 23-year old big man has had his season sidetracked with injury woes (only appearing in 20 games). Despite missing so much time the UCLA product still delivered an eye-opening play that reminded Dub Nation of his great potential.

Klay Thompson’s jersey is raised at WSU

The younger Splash Bro will not play a single second this season, a side effect of sacrificing his knee last NBA Finals. But the injured All-Star still had his moment to shine this season when he returned back to his stomping grounds at Washington State for his jersey retirement.

Like his teammate Green, it’s won’t be long before we’re seeing Thompson’s number lifted into the Chase Center rafters.

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