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Is the ‘crash’ of the Warriors one of the strangest things of the NBA season?

NBC Sports’ Kurt Helin thinks so

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We are all hoping for the COVID-19 pandemic to end sooner than later and once it does, hopefully we will get the return of the NBA.

Kurt Helin of NBC Sports wrote an interesting column on what he says has been a very strange NBA season.

Helin listed the “crash of Golden State from five-straight NBA Finals to worst team in the NBA.”

Here is what he had to say:

“Everyone understood this would be a down season — a “gap year” — for the Warriors. Kevin Durant had left for Brooklyn, and after tearing his ACL in last year’s Finals nobody expected Klay Thompson to suit up this season (except maybe Thompson himself).

Then four games into the season, Stephen Curry fractured his hand, followed by four months of missed action.

At that point, the wheels came off, and the Golden State Warriors went from the team that went to five straight NBA Finals to the worst team in the NBA. The Warriors were 15-50 when play was suspended, leaving them with the worst record in the league by 4.5 games. Even with Curry back, and now a healthy Andrew Wiggins on the wing (the book is still out on that trade), the Warriors were going to finish near the bottom of the pack.

It has always been all about next season for the Warriors: A healthy Curry, Thompson, and Draymond Green, with Wiggins, a high draft pick (or whomever they can trade that for), and a solid bench, should put the Warriors back near the top of the NBA. This season, however, was a strange and ugly one for the Warriors.”

I think we all knew the Dubs wouldn’t be back near the top of the NBA with Thompson being out for the season. But, I did believe the Warriors would make the playoffs with a healthy Curry. He is just that good.

Once he went down, that all changed. I expected the Warriors to struggle in his absence, but I don’t think this is strange by any means.

Are you shocked or surprised by how this season has went for the Dubs?

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