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Mychal Thompson says Klay wants to be a Warrior for life

He also wants enter the Hall of Fame alongside Steph

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Klay Thompson has played all of eight of his NBA seasons in a Golden State Warriors uniform, and he intends on staying with the Dubs for the rest of his career.

Thompson’s father, former No. 1 NBA draft pick, Mychal, joined Dell and Sonya Curry’s “Raising Fame” podcast and said his son wants to stay in the Bay Area for life and enter the Hall of Fame alongside teammate Steph Curry.

“He wants to go into the Hall of Fame along with Steph. That’s how close he feels to him and how honored he is to play with him. They have formed a special bond,” Thompson said. “That’s why I told him, I said, ‘Even though you’re going to probably miss this year, you and Steph will still have eight years together as long as you take care of your bodies.’ “

Thompson’s averaging 19.5 points per game for his career and is one of the best outside shooters in the game. Not to mention he routinely takes the task of guarding one of the best players on the opposing teams.

The 30-year-old hasn’t played a game this season after tearing his ACL in the NBA Finals last year. His contract runs through 2023-24 and it is hard to see him ever switching uniforms.

With three NBA Championships under his belt and the magic moments he has produced on the court, I think he will make the Hall of Fame when all is said and done.

Do you think Klay is a Hall of Famer?

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