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GSoM in Quarantine: Sport as family tradition

Do you pass on your Warriors fandom on to your kids?

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 15: A baby wearing Golden State Warriors gear cries during the Warriors Victory Parade on June 15, 2017 in Oakland, California. An estimated crowd of over 1 million people came out to cheer on the Golden State Warriors during their victory parade after winning the 2017 NBA Championship. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

One of my favorite topics, given that I’m one of those weirdo, out-of-market fans, is how people come to find a sports team they call their own. When live sports become more and more accessible to wider audiences, all new kinds of options for fandom exist, and it’s not always the case to just like whatever team your parents or friends or neighbors like. I’m a Bay Area sports fan in Michigan, I definitely know how it goes.

I’ve also got a four-year-old niece and while her parents are fairly united on their fanbases (University of Michigan and Detroit sports, if you were wondering), my own loyalties lie across the country — and trust me, I’ve been working since birth to make sure that baby knows she does not have to suffer the woes of Detroit sports if she does not want to.

So today’s questions are for the parents in the audience: how (do/did/will) you introduce basketball (or any sport, really, if you wanna get into your other loyalties!) to your kids? (Did/Do/Will) you take them to Warriors games? Does anyone have kids who aren’t Warriors fans? Do you and your partner root for different teams? How (do/did/will) you handle that when it comes to what team your children root for?

Most importantly: how can I be sure that my niece doesn’t become a Pistons fan? Or worse ... [shudders] ... a Lions fan.

And (if you’re comfortable!) show me picture of your own tiny ones in Warriors gear!

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