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Steve Kerr launches a podcast on The Ringer with Pete Carroll

The two iconic coaches are teaming up in podcast form.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is now available in podcast form. Through Bill Simmons’ site The Ringer (disclaimer: The Ringer is an SB Nation affiliate site), Kerr is launching a limited series podcast with Pete Carroll, head coach of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, and former USC football coaching legend.

The podcast, titled Flying Coach can be found on The Ringer NBA Show and The Ringer NFL Show, with the first episode currently available on all podcast platforms.

Here’s a description of the show from a press release:

Throughout the series, Kerr and Carroll will be talking about their experiences in leadership and coaching, how they run their teams, where the NBA and NFL overlap (and differ), and the formative influences on their careers. Throughout the series, they plan to have fellow coaches join as special guests to share their own insights on leadership, coaching and more.

Kerr (who has won three titles as a coach and five more as a player) and Carroll (who has won a Super Bowl and an NCAA national championship) have a long history and friendship. Prior to his first year as coach of the Warriors, Kerr visited the Seahawks training camp, and spent three days talking with Carroll, and observing how he coached and led. To hear Kerr tell it, those three days strongly shaped the philosophy he took into the Warriors gig.

So it goes without saying that the two should be a pretty strong and interesting pairing to host a podcast.

Proceeds from the podcast will benefit coronavirus support, through the Warriors’ Community Foundation and the Seahawks’ Charity Foundation.

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