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Video: Kevin Hart teaches Steph Curry how to vlog

This will make you smile.

NBA All-Star Game 2016 Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images

In an ideal world, the Golden State Warriors would be on the road right now, preparing to take on the Houston Rockets. We’d be getting ready for a fun Thursday night matchup of Steph Curry vs. James Harden and Russell Westbrook.

We’d be stoked to watch Curry. We’d still be getting used to seeing him back on the court after his 58-game absence.

Sadly, there is no Warriors game tonight, and likely no more Warriors games this season, as the 2019-20 NBA season has been indefinitely suspended due to the coronavirus.

So we have to seek out content that isn’t basketball games. But there’s good news: Some of it still involves Curry!

On Thursday, Curry posted a video to his YouTube channel. It was his first ever vlog (a video blog, for those not hip with modern tech lingo), and Curry didn’t want to go in blind. So he recruited his friend, comedian Kevin Hart, to teach him how to vlog (this was filmed prior to the season suspension and subsequent shelter in place orders).

It’s pretty funny. Definitely worth watching.

We’re all handling this quarantine and world without basketball differently, so I won’t judge you at all if you put this on your TV tonight at 5 p.m. and watch it on a loop for a few hours, pretending it’s a Warriors game. Do your thing.

(Disclaimer: The vlog was filmed at a JPMorgan Chase event in early March, before everyone was social distancing and the NBA suspended its season.)

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