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Dubs in-depth: Maverick Carter blasts Steph Curry’s defense

LeBron’s right-hand man makes a ridiculous statement about the two-time MVP

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Maverick Carter is one of LeBron James’ closest people. The two have been friends since their high school days and continue to work together on projects.

One of those endeavors is their media company, UNINTERRUPTED. Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green joined Carter for an interview on the outlet’s platform and the two bean discussing the 1990s Chicago Bulls dynasty. Carter brought the conversation to two-time MVP Steph Curry and wasn’t too kind in his assessment.

“It’s just like the Warriors — the world knows Steph (Curry) can’t [expletive] play defense. I’m 38, haven’t played a decent game of basketball in 18 years. Steph would have trouble guarding me. But Steph is the greatest shooter in the world. When that [mf’er] gets rolling you can’t stop him, he can hit any shot from anywhere on the court. And he’s actually really good off the ball on defense , he’s a good steal artist. But he needs Klay [Thompson] and Draymond to kind of cover everything else so he can do his thing.”

Ok, first off, Maverick, Curry would lock you down on the court. I know Carter is exaggerating, but to make a comment like that is ridiculous.

No one will argue that Steph is the best defender in the NBA, but he is nowhere near bad as people think.

Curry ranked in the top 10 in defensive win shares from 2015-2019 and in the top-six in defensive rating from 2015-2017. He also was 13th in real defensive plus-minus among all point guards last season.

There is no doubt Curry can’t guard the opponents best player, but his ability in the Dubs’ defensive system allows him to be a very good team defender.

Reading comments like Carter’s and other LeBron fans criticizing Curry is a good reminder how salty they are that the Warriors beat James’ Cavs three times, leaving his championship total at three.

What do you think of Curry’s defensive abilities?

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