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When will the Warriors make a move?

Bob Myers has plenty of options at his disposal.

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The 2019-20 NBA season is still under hiatus due to the coronavirus outbreak and we still don’t know if things will resume.

With the Golden State Warriors being soundly out of the playoff picture, their attention if focused on next year.

General Bob Myers has plenty of ammunition for him to make a move that will help elevate the Dubs back into a championship favorite.

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are expected to be healthy and ready to go for 2020-21 along with the third amigo, Draymond Green.

The Warriors traded D’Angelo Russell for Andrew Wiggins and his massive contract, but added a valuable asset in Minnesota’s top-three protected 2021 pick, which should be in the lottery.

Along with that, the Dubs also have their own first-round pick this year and the $17.2 million trade exception from the Andrew Iguodala deal.

All of these moves, plus some minor tweaks, allowed the Warriors to spend up to $175 million on player salaries going forward as opposed to the roughly $135 million they would have been working with if they didn’t make the Russell-Wiggins swap.

Owner Joe Lacob has to be happy that his team won’t be paying the heavy repeater tax as well.

Myers is in a unique situation of having a core capable of winning a championship while still being able to add pieces for the future.

Curry will be 33, Thompson and Green will be 31 by the time 2021 playoffs begin, if the season starts on time, so their window is starting to close.

The question is: when should Myers look to make moves to add to the group?

The first option is to look whenever the NBA offseason commences. Golden State has a 52.1% chance of getting a top-four pick and a 14% of landing the No. 1 selection. The 2020 Draft is not a very strong one, but if a team is enamored with say; Anthony Edwards or Deni Avdija, they could add another future first-round pick to their arsenal, while moving down a few spots.

I really like USC freshman Onyeka Okongwu. He might not develop into an offensive juggernaut, but his ability to score off the pick-and-roll along with Okongwu’s elite shot blocking, would make him an ideal fit with the current roster. Trading down in the draft might be another opportunity to some depth to a depleted bench, where Eric Paschall looks to be the best contributor.

Another scenario is looking at rebuilding teams around the league, like the Washington Wizards or Charlotte Hornets. The Athletic’s John Hollinger suggested the Dubs package their 2020 and 2021 picks plus Wiggins’ contract for Washington’s Bradley Beal.

While I like the idea of trying to make a move to acquire one more game-breaker, it is tough to see where Beal fits. His game isn’t conducive with the Splash Brothers.

The hard part about trying to get a star on a bad team is that the NBA’s bottom feeders are mainly comprised of squads that are looking to build around a young core.

Middling teams like the Orlando Magic may look to offset a player like Aaron Gordon, who wouldn’t cost nearly as much as Beal, but would give the Dubs another proven scorer off the bench.

Myers can also look at keeping the 2020 pick and rounding out the roster using the trade exception and adding a piece to help in the short-term. The Warriors can then scour the market during the 2020-21 year and look for deals where they can acquire a veteran using their two 2021 picks.

I would like to see Golden State trade down this year, draft a piece who may not be ready to play 30 minutes a night, but can still contribute while developing for the future. Then, the Warriors can use the Timberwolves lottery pick next year to add to the roster and keep the contention window open for another few seasons.

What do you think Myers should do with the assets he has available?

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