What I would do if I was the GM

Throughout our quarantine period numerous articles have been posted about moves or trades the Warriors should make over the summer. I got frustrated seeing all the ridiculous trade proposals that were being posted. I noticed many other fellow dubs fans were too! I decided to write down what I believe the plan for the Warriors should be or what I expect it to be.

  • NBA Draft 2020

The only reason why we should trade draft picks is if Giannis is available via trade. I feel this is unlikely as he doesn't seem like the guy to request a trade when his team is winning, especially mid season. He's most likely going to play out next year and decide his future next summer. The key to keeping our dynasty going is to have good players on cheap contracts. A lottery pick will be that for us. If Anthony Edwards is available, by all means pounce on him as he seems the BPA. There are a lot of question marks in this draft such as James Wiseman. Some say he is the next Anthony Davis and some say his ceiling is Hassan Whiteside. If the Warriors want him, I personally would trade down in the draft to around 6-10 pick as I believe he will be available. The top 5 teams don't have a need for a center(Cavs have Drummond, Knicks have Robinson, Timberwolves have Towns, Suns have Ayton, Hawks have Capella). I would either draft Edwards and if he's not available then by all means go ahead and trade down to pick up additional assets. If Wiseman is not available when we trade down then it's no big deal if we end up with Deni or Toppin. The talent disparity is not so huge in this draft.

  • NBA Free Agency 2020

The first thing I would do if I'm Bob Myers is let teams know we intend on using Andre Iguodala's trade exception. If a team is trying to duck under the cap for free agents, then we can possibly take on a player and pick up another future draft pick. If we tend to use it, I would try to get a true center who could defend the Joel Embiids and the Joker if we do not draft James Wiseman. I would try to target a Dwayne Dedmon or a Gorgui Dieng type center whom could possible be had with the exception along with a second round pick or 2. They're solid bigs with stretch potential. If we however get Wiseman, then I would try to target Rudy Gay, TJ Warren or another swingman with the exception. In free agency, I would try to sign Glenn Robinson with our Mid-level Exception. He has experience in our system and was a solid 3 and D player. I'd be surprised if he's not available and I'm sure Draymond would re recruit him hard. I would try to get Marc Gasol if he's not available. I also really hope Alec Burks will be available again this offseason for the minimum, he would be my pick for the 15th spot. We could pick up another free agent veteran such as Kent Bazemore type player if he's not available.

  • Final Thoughts and Roster Outlook
If Edwards is taken
Curry Bowman Poole
Thompson Lee Edwards
Wiggins Robinson Burks
Green Paschal Smailagic
Chriss Looney (Center from Exception)

If Wiseman is taken
Curry Bowman Poole
Thompson Lee Burks
Wiggins Robinson Gay
Green Paschal Smailagic
Chriss Wiseman Looney

I do not think we need to make a blockbuster trade this summer. Our players getting familiar with our system and building strong team chemistry is the key. We have a pretty good starting 5 and by filing in our depth we can have a special season next year. The year before we won in 2015, all we did in the off season before hand was add Livingston and Barbosa to our depth. We could go on a deep playoff run and still have a lottery pick next year(timberwolves pick) along with more picks if we trade down or take on a contract with Iguodala exception. Those could all be packaged along with Wiggins if a star is available for trade next offseason.

  • My Predictions
1. Green will be more efficient with his 3's, 36%+, this could really open up our spacing if he does
2. Wiggins will score less but be more efficient with his shot and become an improved defender.
3. Marquese Chriss will have a breakout year if he is starting. He could be a double double guy along with 2 blocks and 4 assists per game
4. Curry and Thompson are back to their old self
5. Warriors Bucks 2021 Finals

  • Weaknesses that I tried to address but if you guys have better ideas please comment below
1. No true center, Chriss and Looney will struggle against elite centers like Embiid, Jokic, Towns. I tried to address it above.
2. No backup SF, I tried to address with Robinson and/or Gay
3. No proven shot creator off the bench. Paschal, Poole or Lee could fulfill this but they are not proven. This is why I would target a player like Burks if available in free agency.

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