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Dubs in-depth: The NBA is reopening practice facilities in places where restrictions are eased

It still seems like this is a long way off in California.

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pWith the state of Georgia starting to reopen businesses, the NBA is allowing to start using the team’s practice facility on May

The NBA is targeting to allow teams in states where social distancing restrictions are being eased to open up their practice facilities on May 8.

Woj reported that while players can begin training individually, group workouts and organized team activities are still banned.

Players from other teams are in contact with their respective general managers and have reportedly asked if they should travel to the select cities so they can work out. Woj says team officials aren’t fully on board with the idea, due to the safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.

From a Warriors standpoint, this doesn’t change much. The Chase Center won’t be opening anytime soon with San Francisco Mayor London Breed has extended the stay at home orders until May 30.

With the population of California, it is tough to project how to safely open up without risking the spreading of the virus. Gov. Gavin Newsom has stated that having fans at sporting events isn’t something he anticipates happening over the next several months. So if or when the NBA season resumes, there is a good chance games will be played without fans.

The other idea the league has floated around is to gather teams in neutral cities where the risk is low, but this is another option that is still at least weeks away from even starting to come to fruition.

It will be interesting to see how things go in Georgia regarding the coronavirus. With businesses open under social distancing rules, if the numbers don’t climb there over the coming weeks, there might be more pressure to start lifting restrictions.

The season has been on hold since March 11 and with 17 games left on the Dubs schedule, it is anyones guess when play will resume.

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