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Leandro Barbosa and his wife Talita Rocco both had coronavirus when she gave birth

The former Warriors guard couldn’t be in the delivery room with his wife when she gave birth.

Photo by Bruce Yeung/NBAE via Getty Images

Former Golden State Warriors guard Leandro Barbosa got some very good news after being diagnosed with the coronavirus.

The 37-year-old spoke with The New York Times’ Marc Stein about testing positive one day before his wife, model Talita Rocco, gave birth to their baby daughter, Isabella.

Barbosa started feeling symptoms on March 14, after his Brazilian club team, Minas Tênis Clube, played a game in an empty stadium amidst COVID-19 fears.

The 2015 NBA champion started to get worse in the following days, deciding to go to hospital after a rough night on March 17.

“Really, I felt that I was going to die, my man,” Barbosa told Stein. “I was having a crazy fever. My head was extremely bad. My nose felt like it was closed, but it wasn’t closed. I was feeling a lot of pain in my back — I couldn’t find a position to lay down.”

Barbosa found out on March 21 that he tested positive for the virus. The next day, doctors feared Rocco may have contracted it is as well, they decided the best way to keep the baby healthy was to induce labor immediately.

With his wife in hospital, Barbosa was forced to stay isolated at his brothers home. The good news is that Rocco’s mother tested negative for the coronavirus and was allowed to be in the delivery room with her daughter.

Barbosa was able to be on FaceTime during the procedure, a silver-lining for being unable to join his wife.

“I didn’t know what to do,” Barbosa said. “All I did is just talk on the phone: ‘Listen, you’re going to have to do it by yourself.’ I told my wife, ‘Think on the baby, not on me.’

He was able to join his wife and daughter after his two weeks of isolation passed.

Barbosa played 14 NBA seasons, including two with Golden State, where was a part of the 2015 title winning squad. He averaged 6.7 points and 15.4 minutes during his stint with the Dubs.

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