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Video: Steve Kerr makes a hilarious Second City appearance

The Warriors coach is apparently using the quarantine to work on his comedic skills.

It’s been more than 50 days since Steve Kerr got to roam the sidelines. And to hear him tell it, it’s probably going to be quite a long time before there’s a Golden State Warriors game for him to coach.

But apparently he’s putting the shelter in place time to good use, and working on a new skill: Comedy.

Kerr is appearing on the April 30th episode of Second City’s The Last Show Left on Earth, hosted by Lauren Ash. And I have to say ... Kerr is nearly as good at comedy as he is at coaching and shooting.

In the clip, Kerr is moonlighting as a telecommuting doula, helping a woman give birth, and peppering in anecdotes and lessons from his NBA adventures. It’s pretty hilarious, and highly relevant with The Last Dance 30 for 30 documentary series currently airing on ESPN. Plus, he’s got a pretty good deadpan. Maybe after he finishes filling up his second hand with rings — he’s only two away, after all — he’ll have another career in comedy.

On a side note, is there some connection between popular Bay Area sports figures and comedic child birth that I’m missing? We’re only a few years away from San Francisco Giants MVP Buster Posey appearing in this funny commercial:

Kerr and Posey: The next great comedic duo?

The Last Show Left on Earth, and Kerr’s full appearance will air at 6 p.m. PT (Thursday, April 30), on the Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook accounts for the streaming service Topic. It will then be available for streaming on Topic next week.

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