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Chris Paul on Steph Curry’s famous crossover: ‘You got me’

Two of the best point guards in NBA history had a fun time on Instagram Live.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

On March 31, 2015, in a nationally-televised game between two semi-rivals, the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers, Steph Curry emphatically made his mark on the NBA landscape.

Curry was in the process of solidifying his spot as a top player in the NBA — he was only a few weeks away from winning his first MVP trophy — while the Warriors were in the process of solidifying their spot at the top of the NBA hierarchy — they were a few months away from winning their first title, just one year after being eliminated by those very same Clippers.

Trailing by nine in the final minutes of the first half, and on the road, Curry drove on the baseline under the hoop and towards the corner. About halfway between the block and the three-point line, Curry stopped, faked back towards the hoop, and then back towards the corner. Trying but failing to defend him, Chris Paul ended up on his butt, and Curry silkily dropped in a mid-range jumper, as the Staples Center crowd oohed and aahed.

Two MVPs, three championships, and countless highlights later, it remains one of the most memorable and defining moments of Curry’s career, sure to be played on all of his highlight reels:

To his credit, Paul — known for being one of the most ruthlessly competitive players in the NBA (just earlier this year, in the final seconds of a close game, Paul successfully petitioned a ref to call a delay of game on former Warrior Jordan Bell for having an untucked jersey, which resulted in a technical free throw that allowed Paul’s team to tie the game and force overtime, where they won) — can admit that Curry got the better of him in that exchange.

On Monday, Curry and Paul — two of the best point guards in NBA history — had a joint Instagram Live session, where they discussed all sorts of fun things. Naturally, that play came up, which essentially resulted in both players complimenting each other.

“We know the anniversary (of the move) just passed,” said Paul, a nine-time All-Defense selection. “[Fans] are talking about going behind the back, and all of that. Listen man, listen, listen: You got me. You got me.”

Curry responded saying, “The funniest part is how many times we’ve all been dropped, right? You’ve dropped me at least three times. I got you that one time in LA. Brandon Jennings got me my rookie year.”

The clip concludes with both players admitting that you’re going to end up on the receiving end of such a play if you play defense for long enough.

Here’s hoping basketball returns soon so we can see these two legends go at each other once again.

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