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Dubs in-depth: Will Draymond Green get into the Hall of Fame?

Bleacher Report says the former NBA Defensive Player of the Year still has work to do to strengthen his case.

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There is no doubt about how important Draymond Green was to the Golden State Warriors’ three championships over the past years.

Green’s numbers don’t pop out like his teammates Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, but he was a threat to put up a triple-double anytime he stepped on the court.

Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz used basketball reference’s Hall of Fame probability meter to go over each NBA teams’ roster to determine which players have the best chance to be enshrined in the future. Curry is a lock for the Hall of Fame at 99.9%. Thompson is next best at 51.3%, while Green is at 30.3%. Here is what Swartz had to say about Green:

Green’s future is a little more unclear, as he’s a former Defensive Player of the Year and three-time All-Star yet has always been the third- or fourth-best player on his own team. When given more of an opportunity to expand his role on an injury-decimated Warriors team this season, Green averaged just 8.0 points, 6.2 rebounds and 6.2 assists on 38.9 percent shooting overall and 27.9 percent from three.”

I’m willing to give Green a pass for last season. It seemed like the entire organization was exhausted from playing close to 100 games each of the previous five seasons. Once Curry went down early in the year, everyone in the NBA universe knew the Dubs were going to use the season as a reset.

Swartz is on-point when he says Green wasn’t one of the two best players on the Warriors during their five-year stretch of dominance. Golden State doesn’t win a championship without him on the squad in 2015. He was great during the playoffs, putting up 13.7 points, 10.1 rebounds, and 5.2 assists per game. Green led the team in net rating during the 73-win season, and if he doesn’t get suspended for Game 5 of the NBA Finals, who knows what would have happened. Green is the perfect facilitating forward for Curry and Thompson. His ability to read plays, and make the right pass allowed head coach Steve Kerr to implement a system that highlighted the strengths of The Splash Brothers. He was in the top-three in victories above replacement five straight seasons.

Where Green stands out is the defensive end. He led Golden State in defensive win shares from 2014-15 to 2018-19, and his ability to guard any position on the floor gave the Dubs the opportunity to run their “death lineup” at the end of games.

I think Green is borderline Hall of Famer at this point. He will turn 31 next season, so he still has a few years to solidify his case.

Do you think Green will get into the Hall of Fame?

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