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Steph Curry is dominating the water business

They don’t call him a Splash Brother for nothing.

Steph Curry is more than just the greatest shooter in NBA history. He’s more than just the face of the Golden State Warriors franchise. He’s more than just a two-time MVP, three-time NBA champion, and six-time All-Star. He’s more than just an overall good guy who everyone that hasn’t been terrorized by his offensive outbursts loves.

He’s also the world’s preeminent water salesman.

We’ve seen Curry flash his acting chops in commercials for Brita water filters for years, but now he’s bypassing both the filtration system and the endorsement gig, and heading straight to the top.

Yes, Curry is now the owner — as well as investor and global face of the brand — of OXIGEN, a pH-balanced water that is boosted with oxygen and contains electrolytes. Curry revealed the news in a video posted to his Instagram account, in which he called himself “a bit of a water connoisseur.”

Look I’ll be honest. I consume roughly one bottle of pre-packaged water a year, but I am compelled to try this, if only because I can’t stop hearing Curry say it’s the “Best friggin’ water I’ve ever had.” What fun!

Jokes aside, bottles of OXIGEN are made from 100% recycled plastic, which is a very good and cool thing. So if you’re going to buy bottled water, it’s hard to go wrong with a Curry-owned, fully-recycled product.

That said, I will not be doing a deep-dive, 2,000-word review of this product to let you know how it tastes. If Curry decides to own a whiskey label sometime soon, however ...

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