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Does ESPN think Klay Thompson is Will Ferrell?

It would certainly seem so.

New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors Jane Tyska/Digital First Media/East Bay Times via Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors haven’t played a game in nearly five months. And Klay Thompson hasn’t played a game in nearly 14 months. But they still find a way to be a part of the basketball discourse, as professional hoops fills the day from two bubbles in Florida.

On Friday, during a WNBA game between the Los Angeles Sparks and Las Vegas Aces, ESPN cut to Aces coach Bill Laimbeer on the bench. The former four-time NBA All-Star was rocking a headband under his floppy grey hair, the result of there not being a hair stylist inside the WNBA’s bubble at the IMG Academy in Bradenton.

It was mildly terrifying.

That led to the broadcast running through some iconic headbands that have graced the sporting world.

They concluded with Jackie Moon, Will Ferrell’s player-coach character in the comedy Semi-Pro. They included a picture of Moon, and, well...tell me if you notice anything.

Now I’m no expect at facial recognition, but I am pretty knowledgable in that area, similar to how Klay Thompson is pretty knowledgable about scaffolding. And I’m pretty sure that’s not Will Ferrell in that picture. I’m equally sure that it is Klay Thompson, dressing up as Jackie Moon for Halloween one year.

Don’t worry, ESPN. It’s a common mistake to make. I myself have made it many times.

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